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Dojo Information

This may be the head instructor or anyone else belonging to your dojo that has been given this responsibility.
This will be the main method of contact between the NCFK and your dojo. If this ever needs updating, please contact us.
This will be a secondary method of contact between the NCFK and your dojo. If this ever needs updating, please contact us.

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Please be accurate with your location. Your address will be used to identify your position on the map on your dojo's details page.

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Registration is $50 per year starting from the date of payment.

Upon submission of this form, your registration will be placed in the 'review' queue to be reviewed by a site admin. Once approved, your information will appear in alphabetical order on the members page. If, for whatever reason, your submission is denied, you may receive a parital or full refund of your payment.

Any and all info provided in the above form is subject to any changes or suggestions deemed neccissary by the NCKF site administrators. Any time information is changed or an edit is suggested, you will be notified using the contact information you provided.

After the one year period, your registration will end, and you will have to make another payment to remain registered. You can easily renew without having to fill out this form again from the renewal page (There is no 'review' process for renewals).

Guidelines for Submissions

The following guidelines are to protect this site.

  • No profanity, foul language, or any other unsuitable language deemed inappropriate by NCKF site admins.

  • No unneccessary boasting or bragging in descriptions or titles. Remain appropriate in your description.

  • Dojo logo's are to be just that - your logo. No other images or pictures. If your dojo does not have a logo and you would like to use an alternate image, contact the site admins for help.

  • Dojo logo's are to be owned by the your dojo and must not contain any copyright material (i.e. Olympic rings).